Thank you for choosing Hibiscus Schools

All applications are completed online. The following information/documents will be needed to complete your application:

  • Parents/Legal Guardian information
  • Child’s information including child’s Identity Number
  • Child’s medical information including medical aid information
  • Scanned copy of child’s birth certificate
  • Scanned copy of child’s medical card
  • Additional special needs reports (scanned)
  • Latest report card/Transfer certificate (scanned)

Validity of Application

Pre-school and Day Care Centre – Applications will be accepted throughout the year. Applications will be placed according to available spaces. We do accept applications for the next two years.

Reception – Because we currently have three feeding pre-schools, we would advise that applications are made as early as possible for Reception placing. Our waiting lists are now open for Reception intake for the next 5 years.

Standards 1 to 7 – We hold all applications on file for 12 months. If the child has not been placed during this time, you must contact us and, if you wish us to retain the application, you will be required to complete a fresh application. There is no additional fee for subsequent applications.

You may obtain additional information on admissions by contacting us. Click here for our contact information.

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