Greetings to our Hibiscus Family.  I welcome you to our school where we strive to ‘Grow future Leaders’.

As the founder of Hibiscus Schools, more than a decade ago, I am passionate about the business of education and I am excited to continue expanding upon our vision to grow our Hibiscus Family and remain a unique school, committed to providing excellence in al spheres of life for all our students.

I know that I am not alone in this endeavor because I have the support and assistance of my incredible team of Head of Schools, together with our team of outstanding educators and administrators.

Rest assured that together we will strive to uphold the promise to grow your child to graduate from our school as a life-long learner of integrity who will be able to lead in all spheres of life and have a positive impact on society.

Mrs Roelien Brink

CEO & Founder


Mrs. Nicole De Beer

HEAD MISTRESS nicole@hibiscus.co.bw

Hibiscus Primary & Secondary School
Block 7 Gaborone

Mrs De Beer is a true ambassador of the Hibiscus ethos and has left no stone unturned to ensure that we offer a safe space for staff and learners at school. Her determination and input speak of vision and absolute commitment to Hibiscus excellence.  Altogether she has 11 years of experience in the Education industry and keeps developing to offer an exceptional service to our institution.  Mrs. De Beer shares her passion for both children and adults and is equally passionate about guiding and training.  She guides our students to become reflective, innovative and engaged leaders and leads our  staff to become self-motivated, career driven and equipped educators.

Hibiscus Learning Academy (HLA) Broadhurst Gaborone

Susan has a heart for children and is passionate about their education.  Although Susan has been in a principal position for over ten years, she has not forgotten what it is to be an educator.  This gives her unique insight into what the classroom should offer for students, from preschool through primary.  Susan has been with Hibiscus schools for four years and is committed to providing a quality service to parents, a productive environment for staff, and a meaningful learning experience for students. Susan believes that at Hibiscus we are a family and encourages a close-knit working partnerships with staff and parents.  She has an open-door policy which aims to keep the lines of communication open at all times.

Mrs. Susan Ryan

Head Mistress (HLA) susan@hibiscus.co.bw

Mrs. Sindiso Sibanda

Head Mistress (HNS) sindiso@hibiscus.co.bw

Hibiscus Nursery School (HNS) Phase 2 Gaborone

Seasoned administrator with notable success leading a cadre of educators in oversight of academic programs and delivery of instructional services. She has a positive impact in each and every student.

Sindiso is a long time educator with 26 years’ experience in the classroom, having taught from Pre-school up to Secondary school in various schools in and around Gaborone. Educationally and professionally equipped to provide the highest level of education for each student. 

Hibiscus Pre School & Day Care Centre (HPP)
Phase 4 Gaborone

Mrs van der Walt is an outgoing, ambitious and confident individual, whose passion for pre-school education is equally matched by her love for children. She has been working with pre-school students for several years and has gained an in-depth understanding of the commitment required to successfully teach, lead, protect as well as safeguard young people. One of her main skills is to lay the foundation for a successful school career for every child in the Hibuscus family.

Mrs. Jaconette van der Walt

Head Mistress (HPP Phase 4) jaconette@hibiscus.co.bw

Mrs. Sanet Coetzer

Head Mistress (HPP Village)

Hibiscus Pre School & Day Care Centre (HPP) Village Gaborone

My name is Sanet Coetzer and I am excited to introduce myself as the Head of School for Hibiscus Pre-school and Daycare center in Village. I am honored to have the opportunity to lead alongside a great team of staff at a school full of rich and spiritual traditions that strive for excellence in education.

I have been a part of the Hibiscus Family since May 2018. We as a family moved to South Africa in September 2021 but soon realized that our hearts will always stay in Botswana, we moved back end of August 2022.

I am enthusiastic about joining a great community where we can share our faith and empower our students to seek their full potential.

FNB Kids Lounge CBD Gaborone

Ms. Moses is a self-motivated, self-driven, energetic and active individual who has demonstrated dedication and excellence to both learners and colleague. She joined the hibiscus group in 2019 but has 6 years’ experience all together in the field of education. She is a motivator to both learners and colleagues and strives for excellence. She encourages both staff and children to aim higher and reach for the sky. Ms. Moses wants to make a big impact in children’s lives and believes that through education we can change the world.

Ms. Wananani Moses

Head of FNB Kids Lounge CBD