7 Easy tips to keep my child busy during the school holidays

With school holidays just around the corner, we’ve found 7 activities geared toward keeping your child busy that are safe, fun and sure to tire out your little one by bedtime.

During the school term we concentrate on offering constant stimulation through a variety of activities.  Your little one will need this stimulation during the holiday or else, well, he’s going to find something to do, and it may not be mom approved.

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1. Tried but true

Pre-schoolers don’t require complicated toys and activities to keep them busy. A simple water table or a large shallow wash basin can engage a toddler for hours. Of course, you’ll need to supervise your sweetie at all times, as even a small amount of water can present a danger to a small child. And be sure to provide tons of cups, squirt toys, balls and assorted other water-friendly objects to extend the fun!

2. Mess-free painting

We know; you’ve heard the phrase “mess-free painting” before, but it never turns out to be true. Believe it this time, because your busy little bee isn’t even going to make contact with the paint. Instead, you fill a plastic Ziploc bag with paint, and secure it to a window with sticky tape. The sensation of moving the paint around the bag is what keeps your kiddo interested. You can add small toys for fun. See, no mess!

3. Kitchen staple reimagined

What toddler doesn’t love opening up kitchen cabinets and emptying the contents? Then this activity involves something your little one is probably very familiar with: a colander or pasta strainer. All you do is weave pipe cleaners in and out of the little holes, and let him pull out the ends and try to stick them back in. Simple, smart and it won’t get old for a long time!

4. Homemade musical shakers

Every little kid is a musician in training, so why not help him get his groove on and make instruments right in your own home? You’ll need a plastic container that can be tightly closed and beans, rice or seeds, and voila! Your baby band is in business.

5. The ultimate house box

Time to get a large box, some water paint, pillows and a good imagination. Great, you now possess the items needed to help your pre-schooler build their ultimate house box. This will guarantee hours of fantasy play.

6. Back to basics

Nothing delights young children more than bubbles. Why not try making your own? It’ll be so worth witnessing the glee on your little one’s face as she chases them around the yard with an abandon only a munchkin can muster.

7.  Puppet show

You might need to give your sewing skills a chance here.  Use those single socks to make hand puppets with button eyes.  Your little one can decorate the puppets with permanent markers or material paint.  To make a puppet theater, just cut out the one side of a box and decorate it.  For a better idea, click here.  Your little one will enjoy hours of fun and it is fantastic for language development.


Here is some helpful links:

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Ziploc bag paint: https://www.powerfulmothering.com/rainbow-in-a-bag-no-mess-art/

How to build a box house: https://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/967135/diy-collapsible-cardboard-playhouse/

Easy to make sock puppets: https://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Sock-Puppet

Easy to make puppet theatre: https://youtu.be/uFP423-e_UY



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